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BTCPay Deployment Frequently Asked Questions

This document covers the most common questions, errors, and issues you may encounter prior and during the installation of the software. For a detailed list of deployments method and instructions for each, please see Deployment page.

General Deployment FAQ

Here are common questions about installation, regardless of the deployment method.

Web Deployment FAQ

Luna Node Web Deployment FAQ

Manual Deployment FAQ

General Deployment

How much does it cost to run BTCPay Server?

BTCPay is a 100% free and open-source software. We do not charge you anything. However, to run it, you should host it. You can run it as a self-hosted solution on your own local server, or use a cloud hosting provider, which is what a majority of users do. Advanced users can run BTCPay on their own hardware Visit our Deployment Page to see various ways in which you can run BTCPay. If you do not wish to host your own server, you should use a free host. If you prefer to have control over your node and additional features, you can use a cloud solution, which goes from 5$ to 65$ /month depending on the provider you choose.

What are the minimal requirements for BTCPay?

If you would like to run Bitcoin and Lightning Network nodes, the minimal requirements are :

What is the easiest method to deploy a self-hosted BTCPay Server?

For beginers, we strongly recommend the web-deployment if you want a self-hosted solution or a third-party host

If you're going to add more than one crypto coin, you need to expand the storage according to that coin(s) blockchain size.

How to choose a proper deployment method?

Please see Deployment page for comparison of different installation methods and choose the one that suits your needs and skill level the most.

Can I run BTCPay on my own hardware?

Yes, you can. Check our the Hadrdware Deployment page for detailed instructions.

Can I deploy BTCPay my existing VPS?

Yes. BTCPay is not limited to the documented deployment methods. You can use whichever hosting solution you prefer, that fits the minimal requirements.

Are there free hosts where I can test?

On a self-hosted BTCPay, the unlimited amount of users and stores can be attached. That's why there are users who opened their servers for others to use. Most of them are community-driven and free. See this list of thid-party BTCPay hosts


Here you can find common questions and solutions to BTCPay web-deployments.

LunaNode web-deployment

How to change domain name on my LunaNode BTCPay?

  1. In your LunaNode dashboard, click on Virtual Machines > Your Virtual Machine > General Tab > External IP. Copy the external IP.
  2. Go to your DNS provider and create an A record. Paste the external IP.
  3. Go to Server Settings > Maintainance > Change Domain. Paste without http or https prefix.

Additional documentation can be found on domain change page.

Manual Deployment

Getting 500 nginx error on a local server https and for http (BTCPay is expecting you to access this website from)

You need to open port 80 and 443. Once you did that, restart docker

How to manually install BTCPay on Ubuntu 18.04?

Check this community guide.