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BTCPay Frequently Asked Questions and Common Issues

This document contains a Table of contents to all FAQ and common issues.

General FAQ

General, non-technical questions about BTCPay. What it is, how it works, what are its features, why is it different and who can use it.

Deployment FAQ

Questions and solutions to BTCPay installation.

General Deployment FAQ

Web Deployment FAQ

Luna Node Web Deployment FAQ

Manual Deployment FAQ

Synchronization FAQ

Common questions and issues that may occur during the initial sync of BTCPay.

Integrations FAQ

Questions about e-commerce and other integrations.

Integrations General

WooCommerce FAQ

Server Settings FAQ

Common problems and questions server admins have.

Maintenance FAQ

Theme / Customization FAQ


Stores FAQ

Store settings explained.

Wallet FAQ

Here are some of the questions and problems about wallets in BTCPay.

Apps FAQ

Frequent questions about the applications in BTCPay.

Lightning Network FAQ

Lightning Network troubleshooting and common problems.

Lightning Network General FAQ

Lightning Network (LND) FAQ

Lightning Network (c-lightning) FAQ

Altcoins FAQ

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