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Roasbeef hdkeychain: update test case error string due to btcec changes
A bug was recently fixed in btcec wherein we would fail to detect
invalid point decompressions for the curve. This how now been fixed, and
as a result, we'll fail an invalid point earlier in the ParsePubKey
method. We update the error string to reflect this change.
Latest commit 5d1446c Jul 7, 2018


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Package hdkeychain provides an API for bitcoin hierarchical deterministic extended keys (BIP0032).

A comprehensive suite of tests is provided to ensure proper functionality. See test_coverage.txt for the gocov coverage report. Alternatively, if you are running a POSIX OS, you can run the script for a real-time report.

Feature Overview

  • Full BIP0032 implementation
  • Single type for private and public extended keys
  • Convenient cryptograpically secure seed generation
  • Simple creation of master nodes
  • Support for multi-layer derivation
  • Easy serialization and deserialization for both private and public extended keys
  • Support for custom networks by registering them with chaincfg
  • Obtaining the underlying EC pubkeys, EC privkeys, and associated bitcoin addresses ties in seamlessly with existing btcec and btcutil types which provide powerful tools for working with them to do things like sign transations and generate payment scripts
  • Uses the btcec package which is highly optimized for secp256k1
  • Code examples including:
    • Generating a cryptographically secure random seed and deriving a master node from it
    • Default HD wallet layout as described by BIP0032
    • Audits use case as described by BIP0032
  • Comprehensive test coverage including the BIP0032 test vectors
  • Benchmarks

Installation and Updating

$ go get -u



Package hdkeychain is licensed under the copyfree ISC License.