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@cryptorex cryptorex released this Mar 23, 2019

Backup your wallet.dat file!
Run wallet and keep it open - it helps decentralization


Download and run bitcoinz-wallet.exe.
No need to install.

Release notes:

  • UI tweak - comma separation
  • Clean up some zcash references
  • Refined logic for importing private keys
  • Use BitcoinZ 2.0.3 binary for Sapling + VaultZ Activation at
    block 328,500 (April 6-7th 2019)

You SHOULD reindex (EOF issues)

In preparation for the upgrade to Sapling and VaultZ, you are strongly encouraged to reindex.

You can use the file tools\reindex.bat before starting your wallet. It will take some time to complete.

IF you're having 0 connections issue please:

Option 1

  1. Close the Wallet if its open
  2. Goto Start -> type in the box %appdata%\bitcoinz
  3. Edit the bitcoinz.conf file and add these nodes - just paste them into the file:

  1. Save, close
  2. Rerun the wallet executable

Option 2

  1. Close your wallet
  2. Goto %appdata%\BitcoinZ
  3. Delete the peers.dat file
  4. Re-open your wallet


sha1: 5EE25394937A3DE02587BD615F5CFBC4C314C110
sha-256: AAAAB6D25F903FC6B544F9A9295A6E1764E5BBDE421DE0928B466F602CFB1928

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