Just a fork of mocha spec reporter, but with small goodies
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Originally it was fork for mocha own spec reporter, but it is very inconvenient to use.

Why i made fork:

  • It is possible to hide/show any part of report
  • It is possible to see where error happen - not only stack line but also relevant file content
  • It supports source maps
  • It does not show useless stack lines

Env variables usage

It is possible to hide additional stack traces via env variable MOCHA_REPORTER_STACK_EXCLUDE as glob string.

**/yadda/lib/** - will hide all of the yadda stack traces

It is possible to hide some parts of output via env variable MOCHA_REPORTER_OPTS.

hide-titles - will hide execution tests/suites titles

hide-stats - will hide stat

clear-screen - will clear the screen on start

show-back-order - will show fails in back order

Command line usage

Also it is possible to set this parameters with mocha command line option --reporter-options, e.g:

mocha -R ../../../ --reporter-options hide-stats=true,hide-titles=true test.js

You need to set options in such format A=B,C=D.... Options are:

hide-titles accepted values true|false - show/hide executed test/suites titles (default false)

hide-stats accepted values true|false - show/hide executed tests statistic (default false)

clear-screen accepted values true|false - clear the screen before executing tests (default false)

show-back-order accepted values true|false - test fails shown in back order, so first fail will be at the bottom (default true)

stack-exclude any glob string, used to match stack trace files for exclude

show-file-content it can be js or js+sm or sm, meaning what to show if available (sm - source-mapped files, js - actual files) by default it is sm

How to use

npm install --save-dev mocha-better-spec-reporter
mocha --reporter mocha-better-spec-reporter ... # and other options there
mocha -R mocha-better-spec-reporter --reporter-options hide-stats=true,hide-titles=true ...



Windows Users Note

This reporter uses chalk for colors, which works very bad in windows environment (usually it just disable colors). If you are sure your terminal supports ansi colors (git for windows, cygwin, cmder, mingw/mingw64 etc) you can force chalk to output colors with adding --color option to your argv. Also you can set env variable FORCE_COLOR to any value.