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blimLimb, the travelling IRC bot troupe, running on yail
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   << blimLimb
      << the
         << travelling
            << ircbot
               << troupe
   `` `` `` `` `` '''''' 

   here be a very simple
   script which helms a
   handful of irc connections
   to produce the illusion
   of a performing set of
   sentient ircbots.

   the trick to this script
   is that the bots aren't
   fully scripted, so you
   can jump in at moments
   and add improvisational
   dialogue to startling

   `` `` `` `` `` '''''' 

   some sample scripts
   are in the `scripts`

   a few logged performances
   are in `logs` to give a

   This fork requires the
   Yail gem.
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