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// --------------------------- README -----------------------------------
// Copy these key/values to User/Preferences.sublime-settings
// They have NO effect here
// If `true` will disable bindings like ctrl+alt+n etc
// Handy for our italian friends :)
"alt_gr": false,
// If `true` will insert id="$1" snippet on pressing '#', similar on '.'
// Useful for `raw html`, but annoying for some templating langs.
"auto_id_class": false,
// disable expanding abbreviation by Tab key
"disable_tab_abbreviations": false,
// disable insertion of formatted linebreak when
// Enter key is pressed between opening and closing HTML tags
"disable_formatted_linebreak": false,
// Enables default Emmet keymap. Many users complain that Emmet actions
// (especially ones that bound to Alt key) behave incorrectly in
// non-English keyboard layouts. Set this setting to `false` in
// Users’s Preferences.sublime-settings to disable all default
// keybindings at once
"enable_emmet_keymap": true,
// disable expanding abbreviation by Tab key when autocomplete popup is visible
"disable_tab_abbreviations_on_auto_complete": false