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jslint is a command line utility for checking JavaScript code quality. It runs Douglas Crockford's original JSlint using Google's v8 JavaScript engine. Crockford says JSLint will hurt your feelings.


jslint depends on Google's v8, so you must have installed all of v8's dependencies. See the v8 build instructions for details.

To download and build:

git clone git://
cd jslint
git submodule init
git submodule update


To run jslint with the default options: bin/jslint file.js

You can run jslint on multiple files at once: bin/jslint file1.js file2.js file3.js

Provide your own JSLint options with --options: bin/jslint --options "{eqeqeq: true, plusplus: true}" file.js

Currently you must provide the options as a string surrounded by curly braces. Future versions may provide an improved syntax.

By default jslint uses "the good parts," the settings recommended by Crockford. This is equivalent to the following:

bin/jslint --options "{white: true, onevar: true, undef: true, nomen: true, eqeqeq: true, plusplus: true, bitwise: true, regexp: true, newcap: true, immed: true, strict: true}" file.js

jslint accepts all the options specified in the JSLint documentation:

adsafe, bitwise, browser, cap, css, debug, devel, eqeqeq, es5, evil, forin, fragment, immed, indent, laxbreak, maxerr, maxlen, nomen, newcap, on, onevar, passfail, plusplus, predef, regexp, rhino, safe, strict, sub, undef, white, widget, windows

Please file any problems using Github's issue tracker. For questions or help with JSLint visit the JSLint Yahoo! group

Copyright (c) 2010 Sébastien Arnaud


  • Ryan Greenberg