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Uses the commandline/python-module javascript formatter from http://jsbeautifier.org/ to format the selected text, or the entire file if there is no selection. Plugin does not check to make sure the buffer has a .js file type, it just javascript formats the selection/file. Thus, use with caution if you are in an html file.


Extract the download archive, paste the JsBeautifier folder in the Sublime Text 2 "Packages" directory, which is located where ever the Preferences -> Browse Packages option in sublime takes you.

On Mac OS/X Sublime Text 2 installs it's packages into the ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 2/Packages directory. One option is to create a symbolic link from the git repository to the Packages folder.Here's how I install from the git repo on my computer:

→ ln -s ~/src/oss/sublime-text/JsBeautifier ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 2/Packages/JsBeautifier

Key Binding

The default key binding is ctrl+alt+f


  • 8/25/2011 - Added sublime-commands file. Format: Javascript now appears in the command palette
  • 8/25/2011 - scrolls back to whatever line you were on prior to formatting the file (middle of screen) rather than leaving the view position at the top of the file after formatting.