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Detecting Windows OS version (including Win 10)
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Detecting Windows OS version (including Win 10)

Delphi: function wclGetWinVer(out Build: Word): TwclWinVer;

C#: public static wclWindowsVersion.wclWinVer wclWindowsVersion.wclGetWinVer(out UInt16 Build);

C++: wclWinVer wclGetWinVer(unsigned short& Build);

Returns current OS version. On output, the Build parameter contains the OS build number.

For Windows 10 (returning value is verWin10) the Build number can be converted to Release number using table below:

Build Release
10240 1507
10586 1511
14393 1607
15063 1703
16299 1709
17134 1803
17763 1809

On Windows 10 the Release (Build) defines supported features set. MSDN when describing feature uses Build number. But some articles usualy references to Release. So it can be useful to convert Win 10 Build to Win 10 Release.


Checks if runs on Windows 10 IoT.

Delphi function wclIsWinIot: Boolean;

C#: public static Boolean wclWindowsVersion.wclIsWinIot();

C++: bool wclIsWinIot();

Returns True if the OS is Windows 10 IoT. To get more detailed information about OS version (OS Build number) use wclGetWinVer() function.

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