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require 'redmine'
require 'dispatcher'
require 'user_tasks_patch'
require 'principal_patch'
Dispatcher.to_prepare do
Principal.send(:include, PrincipalPatch) unless Principal.included_modules.include? PrincipalPatch
User.send(:include, UserTasksPatch) unless User.included_modules.include? UserTasksPatch
Redmine::Plugin.register :redmine_user_status do
name 'Redmine Task List plugin'
author 'Brandon Farmer and Josh Thomas'
description 'Allows you to maintain a personal todo list'
version '0.0.1'
menu :top_menu, :todo_list,
{:controller => 'tasks', :action => 'index'},
:caption => {User.current.tasks_top_menu},
:if => { User.current.logged? }
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