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GroovyWicket adds some additional functionality and syntactic sugar to the Wicket framework through the means of a Groovy Category along with a few simple implementations of certain Wicket components.

To use GroovyWicket you need wrap the code block where it is to be used as shown below.

use(GroovyWicket) {
    //do stuff

What Can It Do?

class MyPage extends WebPage {
    MyPage(PageParameters params) {
        use(GroovyWicket) {
            //create and add a MarkupContainer to the page
            panel(id) {MarkupContainer panel->
                //add a ListView to panel
                panel << ["Item 1","Item 2","Item 3"].listView("itemList") {ListItem<String> item->
                    //add a Label to the ListItem
                //create and add a BookmarkablePageLink to any MarkupContainer
                panel.bookmarkLink("home",HomePage) {Link<HomePage> link->


Currently not much is here except for a Groovy Category for working with the Java Calendar api.


Some code examples

use(SensibleCalendar) {
    def cal = Calendar.instance
    println cal.time
    assert cal.year() == 1972
    assert cal.month() == JAN
    assert == 2

use(SensibleCalendar) {
    def cal = new Date().toCalendar()
    assert cal instanceof Calendar

use(SensibleCalendar) {
    def cal = [
            year: 1981, month: 2, day: 22
    assert cal instanceof Calendar

    println cal.time
    assert cal.year() == 1981
    assert cal.month() == FEB
    assert == 22

use(SensibleCalendar) {
    def result = "jan".month
    println "jan.month==$result"
    assert result == JAN

    result = "december".month
    println "december.month==$result"
    assert result == DEC

use(SensibleCalendar) {
    def result = "PST".timeZone()
    println "PST.timeZone==$result"
    assert result instanceof TimeZone
    assert result.ID == "PST"

use(SensibleCalendar) {
    withCal {
        println it
        assert it instanceof Calendar
    def result = withCal([year:123,month:AUG,day:7]) {cal->
        println cal
        assert cal instanceof Calendar
        assert cal.year() == 123
        assert cal.month() == AUG
        assert == 7
        return cal
    assert result instanceof Calendar
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