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Firmware to propangate a smoke-alarm through MQTT using ESP8266
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Smoke Detector Alert via MQTT / Wifi

It's firmware for an ESP8266 written in C++ using the Sming Framework. It is meant to be powered up by a smoke-detector once smoke is detected (thus not drawing any power from the smoke-detector battery otherwise). It will then connect to WIFI and an MQTT broker and send an MQTT message containing the room name and the current battery voltage.

The battery voltage assumes a voltage divider of 180K Ohms to 100K Ohms supplied by the 9V battery and connected to Wemos A0.

You can find the schematic in esp8266_smokedetector/esp8266_smokedetector.pdf


Copy and modify the and run it. This will write the configuration files which will then be written to flash. If you run a different makeconfig-* file later to flash another device, make sure to run make spiff_update before running make flash


  • The firmware is built using Sming 3.5.2. Get it from and follow the instruction there.
  • set environment variables ESP_HOME and SMING_HOME
  • ./
  • make
  • make flash

MQTT Messages sent

The message format is JSON

LastWill and online msg

  • Topic: e.g.: sensors/smokedetector1/online
  • Payload: e.g.: {"ip":"","online":true}

Alert msg

  • Topic: e.g.: sensors/smokedetector1/smokealarm
  • Payload: e.g.: {"room":"livingroom","voltage":9.35}
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