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GRPC Akka stream

Use Akka-stream's building blocks (Flow) to implement GRPC services instead of Java's StreamObservers.

All service method can be implemented as a Flow[In, Out, NotUsed].

Note that this library only exposes an AkkaStream interface but still relies on the default Netty implementation provided by grpc-java.


You need to enable sbt-protoc plugin to generate source code for the proto definitions. You can do it by adding a protoc.sbt file into your project folder with the following lines:

import scalapb.compiler.Version.{grpcJavaVersion, scalapbVersion}
addSbtPlugin("com.thesamet" % "sbt-protoc" % "0.99.17")

resolvers += Resolver.bintrayRepo("beyondthelines", "maven")

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  "com.thesamet.scalapb"   %% "compilerplugin"          % scalapbVersion,
  "io.grpc"                %  "grpc-netty"              % grpcJavaVersion,
  "beyondthelines"         %% "grpcakkastreamgenerator" % "0.1.1"

Here we add a dependency to the GRPC Akkastream protobuf generator.

Then we need to trigger the generation from the build.sbt:

PB.targets in Compile := Seq(
  // compile your proto files into scala source files
  scalapb.gen() -> (sourceManaged in Compile).value,
  // generate the GRPC Akka stream source code
  grpc.akkastreams.generators.GrpcAkkaStreamGenerator() -> (sourceManaged in Compile).value

resolvers += Resolver.bintrayRepo("beyondthelines", "maven")

libraryDependencies += "beyondthelines" %% "grpcakkastreamruntime" % "0.1.1"


You're now ready to implement your GRPC service using Akka-streams Flow.

To implement your service's business logic you simply extend the GRPCAkkaStream generated trait.

E.g. for the RouteGuide service:

class RouteGuideAkkaStreamService(features: Seq[Feature]) extends RouteGuideGrpcAkkaStream.RouteGuide {
  // Unary call
  override def getFeature: Flow[Point, Feature, NotUsed] = ???
  // Server streaming
  override def listFeatures: Flow[Rectangle, Feature, NotUsed] = ???
  // Client streaming
  override def recordRoute: Flow[Point, RouteSummary, NotUsed] = ???
  // Bidi streaming
  override def routeChat: Observable[RouteNote, RouteNote, NotUsed] = ???

The server creation is similar except you need to provide an Akka-streams' Materializer instead of an ExecutionContext when binding the service

val system = ActorSystem("GRPC")
implicit val materializer = ActorMaterializer.create(system)
val server = ServerBuilder
      new RouteGuideAkkaStreamService(features) // the service implemented above

Akka-streams' Flows are also available on the client side:

val channel = ManagedChannelBuilder
  .forAddress("localhost", 8980)

val stub = RouteGuideGrpcAkkaStream.stub(channel) // only an async stub is provided

// Unary call
  .single(Point(408031728, -748645385))
// Server streaming
val rectangle = Rectangle(
  lo = Some(Point(408031728, -748645385)),
  hi = Some(Point(413700272, -742135189))
// Client streaming
  .throttle(1, 100.millis, 1, ThrottleMode.Shaping)
// Bidi streaming
  RouteNote(message = "First message", location = Some(Point(0, 0))),
  RouteNote(message = "Second message", location = Some(Point(0, 1))),
  RouteNote(message = "Third message", location = Some(Point(1, 0))),
  RouteNote(message = "Fourth message", location = Some(Point(1, 1)))
  .throttle(1, 1.second, 1, ThrottleMode.Shaping)


Use GRPC services with the Akka-stream API







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