A layer on top of Zend_PDF to aid in layout. Sort-of tries to mimic HTML Tables.
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// Please note, this is not a *complete* example. It will not run as-is. Just a few sample calls to the library.
// Creates a pdf with 2 pages.
// Requires the following from the Zend_Framework v.1 library:
// Zend_Cache, Zend_Exception, Zend_Memory, Zend_Pdf
// PDF now supports page splitting via $pdf->addPage();
// The first page is setup for you, you don't need to add a page before you start adding tables.
// Also, updated to expect the presence of an autoloader

$pdf = new Framework_Pdf();
$pdf->setHeaderImage(getcwd() . '/' . $this->imageDir() . '/logo-main.png');

$table = $pdf->addTable(array('align'=>'justify', 'no_wrap' => True));
$table->addRow(array('underline' => True))
	->addCol("Some Header", array('bold' => true, 'colspan' => 3, 'align' => 'center'));
	->addCol("Column Text 1", array('bold' => true, 'align' => 'center', 'colspan'=>3))
	->addCol(" ")
	->addCol("Column Text 2", array('bold' => true, 'align' => 'center', 'colspan'=>3));

$table = $pdf->addTable(array('align'=>'justify', 'no_wrap' => True));
// Per popular request, an example of adding columns using a loop
$row = $table->addRow();

for(i = 0; i < $someConstraint; $i++) {
	$row->addCol("Some Info");