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Simple server-side session support for hapi

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$ npm install hapi-server-session

For typescript users:

$ npm install @types/hapi-server-session


'use strict';

const hapi = require('@hapi/hapi');

const main = async () => {
  const server = new hapi.Server({
    host: 'localhost',
    address: '',
    port: 8000,

  await server.register({
    plugin: require('hapi-server-session'),
    options: {
      cookie: {
        isSecure: false, // never set to false in production

    method: 'GET',
    path: '/',
    handler: (request, _h) => {
      request.session.views = request.session.views + 1 || 1;
      return 'Views: ' + request.session.views;

  await server.start();



  • algorithm: [Default: 'sha256'] algorithm to use during signing
  • cache: supports the same options as server.cache(options)
    • expiresIn: [Default: session expiresIn if set or 2147483647] session cache expiration in milliseconds
    • segment: [Default: 'session'] session cache segment
  • cookie: supports the same options as server.state(name, [options])
    • isSameSite: [Default: 'Lax'] sets the SameSite flag
    • path: [Default: '/'] sets the Path flag
    • ttl: [Default: session expiresIn if set] sets the Expires and Max-Age flags
  • expiresIn: session expiration in milliseconds
  • name: [Default: 'id'] name of the cookie
  • key: signing key. Prevents weaknesses in randomness from affecting overall security
  • size: [Default: 16] number of random bytes in the session id
  • vhost: [Default: *] host or list of hosts that plugin should be enabled for


Can you explain what the expiresIn and ttl options do?

When the session expiresIn is not set, the cookie ttl is not set and the cache expiresIn is 2147483647. This creates a true session cookie, i.e. one that is deleted when the browser is closed, but will last forever otherwise. This is the default with no configuration.

When the session expiresIn is set, it defaults both the cookie ttl and the cache expiresIn to the same value. This creates a session that will last expiresIn milliseconds. Even if the cookie ttl is ignored by the browser, the server-side cache will expire.

More complex configurations are possible. For example, when the session expiresIn is set and the cookie ttl is explicitly set to null, a session will last until the browser is closed, but no longer than expiresIn milliseconds.

How do I destroy the session (e.g. to logout a user)?

delete request.session;

will unset the cookie and delete the session from the cache.


  • support vhost option
  • support hapi v19
  • add way to destroy the session
  • default cookie path to '/'
  • default cookie ttl to session expiresIn
  • remove key requirement on session expiresIn
  • support hapi v17


Avery Fay


Simple server-side session support for hapi







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