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ponzi2 is a stock chart viewer written in Go using OpenGL and GLFW.
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ponzi2 logo of a pyramid ponzi2

ponzi2 is a stock chart viewer written in Go using OpenGL and GLFW.

Visit for more videos and tutorials!


Getting Started

Run this command to install "ponzi2" and "ponzi2server".

go get -u

Development Environment Setup

Build Status

  1. go get -u
  2. go get -u
  3. go get -u
  4. go generate ./...

Developing the ponzi2server

ponzi2server is an optional server compatible only with ponzi2 that caches IEX data responses. You can run it locally or deploy it on Google AppEngine. It is written using the Go Cloud Development Kit, so that it can be unit-tested and potentially run on different cloud providers.

go build ./cmd/ponzi2server && ./ponzi2server.exe

go build ./cmd/ponzi2.exe && ./ponzi2.exe -token YOUR_API_TOKEN -remote_addr http://localhost:1337

Getting Help

Send an e-mail to btmura (address on GitHub profile).

How to Contribute

Send a pull request.


Thank you!

  • btmura - Main developer
  • ajd3v - Added trackline legend to price chart.


Data provided for free by provided for free by IEX. View IEX’s Terms of Use.

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