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#include <sys/time.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include "timeheap.h"
#define EV_READ 1
#define EV_WRITE 2
#define EV_TIMEOUT 3
typedef void (*evloop_cb_t)(int fd, short type, void *arg);
#if defined(EVLOOP_EPOLL) || defined(EVLOOP_KQUEUE)
struct fdev {
evloop_cb_t cb;
void *arg;
int fd;
uint16_t flags;
int16_t index;
#elif defined(EVLOOP_POLL)
struct fdev {
int i;
#error No evloop method defined.
struct timeout {
evloop_cb_t cb;
void *arg;
struct th_handle th;
int evloop_init(void);
int evloop(void);
int fdev_new(struct fdev *ev, int fd, uint16_t flags, evloop_cb_t cb,
void *arg);
int fdev_del(struct fdev *ev);
int fdev_enable(struct fdev *ev, uint16_t flags);
int fdev_disable(struct fdev *ev, uint16_t flags);
void timer_init(struct timeout *, evloop_cb_t, void *);
int timer_add(struct timeout *, struct timespec *);
void timer_del(struct timeout *);
void timers_run(void);
struct timespec timer_delay(void);
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