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.TH BTINFO "1" "2010\-07\-31" "BitTorrent Protocol Daemon 0.16" "User Commands"
.\" disable hyphenation
.\" adjust text to left margin only
.ad l
.\" -----------------------------------------------------------------
.\" -----------------------------------------------------------------
btinfo \- BitTorrent Protocol Daemon information
.B btinfo
List the torrent information for \fBosol\-0906\-x86.iso.torrent\fR
.B $ btinfo /var/torrents/osol\-0906\-x86.iso.torrent
Name: osol\-0906\-x86.iso
Info hash: 58aca632a9f68427a8ac8f58cafa7a72ca067dba
Tracker URLs: [ [ ] [ ] ]
Number of pieces: 1354
Piece size: 524288
Total size: 709871616
Number of files: 1
osol\-0906\-x86.iso (709871616)
If \fBbtpd\fR has shut down for some unknown reason, check the logfile for possible clues.
Known bugs are listed at \fI\fR
Before submitting a bug report, please verify that you are running the latest version of btpd.
Current maintainers:
\- Marq Schneider <\\fR>
Past contributors:
\- Richard Nyberg <\\fR>
.BR \fBbtpd\fR(1)
.BR \fBbtcli\fR(1)
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