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btpd 0.16:
- Added "start all" (start -a) command.
- Allow adding multiple torrents at once.
- Custom list formatting options.
- Man pages for btpd, btcli, and btinfo.
Bug fixes:
- Handle .torrent files larger than 2MB.
- http parsing and addrinfo freeing fixes.
btpd 0.15:
Bug fixes:
- The event loop could busy loop for up to a millisecond sometimes.
- On some platforms btpd couldn't initiate connections to other peers.
- The timer code was broken on MacOS X.
btpd 0.14:
- IPv6 support.
- Bans peers with bad data.
- Better tracker compatability and more reliable tracker communication.
- Show tracker counts in btcli stat.
- Compiles on Solaris 10.
- Btpd will now signal startup failures via the process exit value and
print the failure reason to stdout.
- Better shutdown and torrent stop behaviour.
- Needs pthreads again.
- Removed libevent in favour of own event loop code.
Bug fixes:
- An integer array was misaligned, which could cause crashes on systems
with alignment requirements. E.g., on XScale arm.
- An error in the torrent parsing code could cause crashes.
- The '--topdir' option to btcli add didn't work properly for single file
- The system name lookup scheme is now used. In btpd 0.13 only dns lookups
were performed.
btpd 0.13:
- cURL is no longer required. btpd now uses its own http client.
- btpd doesn't use threads anymore, so pthreads are not required.
- Needed parts of libevent are now included in btpd.
- I/O errors for torrents no longer make btpd shut down. Instead the
problematic torrent is stopped.
- Added the option '--ip' to specify the ip address btpd will report
to trackers.
- Resume file format changed. Already added torrents will be retested once.
- The torrent info (ratio etc.) are now saved regularly.
- Reduced the amount of outgoing data kept in memory.
btpd 0.12:
- btpd now starts with the same set of active torrents as it had when it was
last shut down. The new '--empty-start' option disables this feature.
- btpd now supports the key tracker extension.
- btpd now supports the multi tracker extension.
- btcli list and stat print headers for the presented data. Both commands
displays more data than before.
- Torrent management has changed, with changes to the add and del commands
and two new commands, start and stop, as a result. Operation on torrents
can now be done by number as well as torrent file.
- A small delay has been added for contacting the same announce URL.
- btpd sends keepalive messages.
- The number of have messages sent has been reduced by not sending them to
peers that already have the piece.
- The structure of the torrents directory in the btpd directory has changed.
It is best to remove it before running btpd 0.12.
Bug fixes:
- Zero sized files in a torrent were not always created.
btpd 0.11:
Bug fixes:
- A file descriptor was closed too early, which could cause btpd to exit
with an error message on systems using epoll.
btpd 0.10:
- The protection mode of the ipc socket can now be specified via the new
"--ipcprot" option for btpd.
Bug fixes:
- The pid file is now written correctly.
- btpd's "-d" option now works for relative paths too.
- Add a time out for handshake completion. Prevously btpd could slowly
fill with unused incoming connections.
btpd 0.9:
- Small changes to 'btcli stat' output.
Bug fixes:
- Use correct value for '--prealloc' default.
- Stopped torrents now show correct rates (0kB/s).
- The test of content that has been modified between runs was broken.
btpd 0.8:
- btpd now requires pthreads.
- btpd keeps its logs and other information it needs in its own directory.
$HOME/.btpd is the default location.
- Various changes in btpd options ant btcli use. See '--help'.
- The user chooses where to place content for each torrent.
- Better disk IO performance.
- Configureable disk preallocation to reduce file fragmentation.
- The unchoke algorithm is global instead of per torrent. The number
of peers to upload to is configurable.
- Tracker errors are displayed in 'btcli stat' and most importantly don't
make torrents unload on startup.
- The rates displayed by btcli are now computed in btpd and are averaged
over the last 20 seconds.
- btpd now compares size and mtime of content to see if the resume file is
Bug fixes:
- Double uninterest messages could be sent to some peers in endgame mode.
- A function was called prematurely which could trigger an assert in rare
btpd 0.7:
Bug fixes:
- Some communication stupidities was fixed, resulting in better download
btpd 0.6:
- Set an upper limit on how much data a peer can request at once.
This protects from running out of memory because of a greedy peer.
- End game is more efficient and uses much less memory.
btpd 0.5:
Bug fixes:
- The bitfield could be sent too late. This could cause the receiving
peer to close the connection.
btpd 0.4:
- The 0.1 rate limiter is back. It runs at a configurable hz now.
- Added "--bw-hz" option to btpd.
- Multiple have messages can be sent in place of a bitfield.
- If btpd can't write to a peer for 60s, it will be disconnected.
Bug fixes:
- A calculation error made btpd buggy with small torrents.
This caused strange crashes and many reports on bad hashes in the log.
- The bitfield was sent too early. A peer could miss pieces btpd got
while the peer was in handshake.
- Some situations in end game or with bad hashes could cause a crash.
btpd 0.3:
- New download strategy.
- Pipe ten requests instead of five.
- "-d" option added to btpd.
- "--with-warn" option added to configure. The default is now
to compile with warnings off.
Bug fixes:
- It was possible for blocks to remain marked as busy when a peer
choked or was lost, causing a piece download to wait until end game.
- The peer wanted level could get too high during end game.
btpd 0.2:
- A new way to do rate limiting.
- Compact mode is now used when talking to the tracker.
Bug fixes:
- A buffer was too small by four bytes, causing a buffer overflow
on the heap in certain conditions.
- An iteration over a list was unsafe and could cause a crash.
- Unloading a torrent didn't kill peers in handshake for that torrent,
and a crash was possible when the handshake finished.
- The counter for uploaded data was updated too early.
- Fixed illegal operator for test(1) in configure.
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