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+btpd 0.14:
+- IPv6 support.
+- Bans peers with bad data.
+- Better tracker compatability and more reliable tracker communication.
+- Show tracker counts in btcli stat.
+- Compiles on Solaris 10.
+- Btpd will now signal startup failures via the process exit value and
+ print the failure reason to stdout.
+- Better shutdown and torrent stop behaviour.
+- Needs pthreads again.
+- Removed libevent in favour of own event loop code.
+Bug fixes:
+- An integer array was misaligned, which could cause crashes on systems
+ with alignment requirements. E.g., on XScale arm.
+- An error in the torrent parsing code could cause crashes.
+- The '--topdir' option to btcli add didn't work properly for single file
+ torrents.
+- The system name lookup scheme is now used. In btpd 0.13 only dns lookups
+ were performed.
btpd 0.13:
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- btpd version 0.13
+ btpd version 0.14
@@ -18,19 +18,20 @@ Contents
3 Building
3.a Requirements
3.b Standard build
-4 Upgrade notes
-4.a btpd 0.12
+4 Additional notes
+4.a Upgrade form old versions
+4.b Pre exit mode
+4.c Using both IPv6 and IPv4
1. Introduction
1.a What is btpd?
- btpd is a bittorrent client consisting of a daemon and client commands,
- which can be used to read and/or manipulate the daemon state. The daemon
- is capable of running several torrents simultaneously and only uses one
- tcp port. It's fairly low on resource usage and should be perfect for
- file distribution sites. Efficient downloads and ease of use makes this
- client a good choice for the casual user as well.
+ Btpd is a utility for sharing files over the BitTorrent network protocol.
+ It runs in daemon mode, thus needing no controlling terminal or gui.
+ Instead, the daemon is controlled by btcli, its command line utility,
+ or other programs capable of sending commands and queries on the control
+ socket.
1.b The programs
@@ -73,8 +74,7 @@ Contents
display the state of a torrent:
+ the torrent is starting. This may take time if btpd needs to test
the content of this torrent or one started before it.
- - the torrent is being stopped. May take time if the tracker is
- unresponsive.
+ - the torrent is being stopped.
I the torrent is inactive.
S btpd is seeding the torrent.
L btpd is leeching the torrent.
@@ -184,10 +184,27 @@ Contents
See './configure --help' for available build options if the above fails.
-4. Upgrade notes
+4. Additional notes
-4.a btpd 0.12
+4.a Upgrade from old version
The layout of the torrents directory in the btpd directory has changed
- since previous versions. Please remove the torrents directory before
- running 0.12 or later.
+ since btpd 0.11. Please remove the torrents directory before running
+ later versions.
+4.b Pre exit mode
+ If btpd needs to send stop messages to trackers before shutting down,
+ it will enter the pre exit mode. A btpd process in this mode can safely
+ be ignored and will not interfere with any new btpd started in the same
+ directory.
+4.c Using both IPv6 and IPv4
+ Unfortunately enabling both IPv6 and IPv4 in btpd is less useful than it
+ should be. The problem is that some sites have trackers for both versions
+ and it's likely that the IPv6 one, which probably has less peers, will be
+ used in favour of the IPv4 one.
+ In order to fix this problem, the IP version options should be changed to
+ be per torrent, in some future version of btpd.
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-AC_INIT(btpd, 0.13+,
+AC_INIT(btpd, 0.14,
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([1.10 foreign subdir-objects])

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