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Torrent labels or some way to group by tracker #26

apeiron opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Probably like many btpd users, I have hundreds of torrents running in my btpd (and it handles the load infinitely better than rtorrent!), so it'd be useful to be able to have labels for them or to group them by tracker when listing and getting stats. I want this for automated torrent processing, so for me it'd be most useful to add this to the formats supported by btcli list -f.


This is one of the features that I'm currently looking for in a CLI torrent app. I currently use Vuze and recommend windows users use uTorrent primarily because of the grouping support.

@queueRAM queueRAM closed this issue from a commit
@queueRAM queueRAM Add optional label to be associated with torrent.
If none given, use announce URL as label.
Torrents added with previous versions of btpd will show up as "bad torrent entry"

Closes GH-26
@queueRAM queueRAM closed this in 2fd1f7c
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