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A JavaScript binding for uv_poll and replacement for IOWatcher.
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[npm] Bump version to 0.3.0 which runs on Node 4

It compiles with Node 0.10 actually, but I've tested it only with Node 4. If it indeed works with older versions of Node we can adjust the "engines" field in package.json to reflect that.
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SocketWatcher is a JavaScript binding for uv_poll based on code by TobyEalden (with permission) for node_mdns. It's useful as a drop-in replacement for Node's old, private module IOWatcher.

More information on uv_poll:

Installation and use

$ npm install socketwatcher

var SocketWatcher = require("socketwatcher").SocketWatcher;
var watcher = new SocketWatcher();
watcher.callback = function() { [...] };
watcher.set(fd, read_flag, write_flag);
// watcher.stop();

Note: since version 0.2.0, you must use require("socketwatcher").SocketWatcher, instead of using the module object directly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Original work

The files contributed to node_mdns:


MIT licensed, see LICENSE.

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