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# $Id$
Revision history for HTML::Sanitizer
0.10 2006.04.01
- BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE: converted to use HTML::TokeParser internally,
rather than HTML::TreeBuilder.
- BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE: removed HTML::Sanitizer->sanitize_tree method.
For now, at least.
- Added more tests.
- fixed security issue with nested evil tags not being properly
- function names changed: s/filter_as/filter/ -- I reserve the
right to do this again until version 1 is released
- documentation fixes
- added support for HTML::Element element replacements
- allowed attribute subroutines access to the attr's value in $_
- cpan#2404: removed spurious requirement for Perl 5.8
- cpan#2405 and #2406: better documentation for permit and deny
- cpan#2993: documentation fix for XSS problem in examples
- cpan#2992: XSS problem with partial HTML tags in text nodes
corrected with HTML::Entities within all text nodes
- "preserve_children" flag should work as expected now, with
no caveats
0.01 Sat Apr 5 17:17:24 2003
- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
-Xn HTML::Sanitizer
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