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Btrplace scheduler

This repository contains the main sources of the flexible VM scheduler BtrPlace (see

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Releases are available via Maven Central (see

Snapshot versions are only available through a dedicated repository. Add the following entry in your pom.xml to get them:


Next, just declare the useful dependencies:

  • org.btrplace:scheduler-api: the API defining a VM scheduler and the element it manipulates
  • org.btrplace:scheduler-choco: the default implementation of the VM scheduler using the Constraint Programming solver Choco
  • org.btrplace:scheduler-json: to serialize models using JSON
  • org.btrplace:scheduler-split: to split the instances to solve
  • org.btrplace:btrpsl: a scripting language to express constraints
  • org.btrplace:bench: a simple CLI to perform benchmarks
  • org.btrplace:scheduler-examples: the examples illustrated in the tutorials section

Getting Started

See the tutorials


API documentation

The javadoc for every version is available as a jar in the repository. the HTML javadoc is available at:

General documentation

See the wiki


Anyone can contribute to the project, from the source code to the documentation. In order to ease the process, see the contribution guide.

Building from sources


  • JDK 8+
  • maven 3+

The source of the released versions are directly available in the Tag section. You can also download them using github features. Once downloaded, move to the source directory then execute the following command to make the jar:

$ mvn clean install

If the build succeeded, the resulting jars will be automatically installed in your local maven repository.


Copyright (c) 2015 University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis. See LICENSE.txt for details