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Btrplace Specification Language

The btrplace specification language (btrpsl) allows to express constraints related to the placement of virtual machines in a datacenters.


Add the following dependency in your pom.xml:

   <version><!-- the version you want --></version>

Basic examples

Describing a datacenter

The following script specifies a datacenter composed of 251 nodes. Nodes are stacked by 40 into racks. 250 of the nodes are working nodes, dedicated to the hosting of client. They are labelled from node-1 to node-250. The last node is a service node and run some service VMs. This node is labelled node-frontend. The whole datacenter can not run more than 2000 VMs simultaneously while each node can not host more than 15 VMs at the same time.

namespace datacenter;

@node-[1..250,frontend] : xen<boot=60>;

$nodes = @node-[1..250,frontend];
cumulatedRunningCapacity($nodes, 2000);

for $n in $nodes {
    singleRunningCapacity($n, 15);

$R[1..7] = $nodes % 40;

export $nodes,$R[1..7] to *;

Describing a virtualized application

Following script is a specification from a application administrator that describes a 3-tiers Web applications. Each replica of a same tier should be placed on a distinct nodes for fault tolerance to hardware failures, while the last tier must be running into a single rack to have a low latency. Last, the application administrator does not want its VMs to be collocated with other VMs for security purpose.

namespace myApp;

import datacenter;

VM[1..10] : tinyInstance<clone,boot=7,halt=10>;
VM[11..20] : microInstance;
VM[21..24] : largeMemoryInstance;

$T1 = VM[1..10];
$T2 = VM[11..20];
$T3 = VM[21..24];

for $t in $T[1..3] {

among($T3, $datacenter.R[1..7]);

Read a script

The following example parse a script, decorate a model and solve a problem with regards to the stated constraints.

//Set the environment
Model mo = new DefaultModel();

//Make the builder and add the sources location to the include path
ScriptBuilder scrBuilder = new ScriptBuilder(mo);

//Build the script
Script myScript = scrBuilder.build(...);

Scheduler ra = ...
ra.solve(mo, myApp.getConstraints());


Copyright (c) 2014 University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis. See LICENSE.txt for details