For the examination of an mipc connected camera
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This repo is about an IP camera I just bought on Amazon for £29.99 delivered.

See the wiki for a human readable intro....

If you have an interest in this or a similar camera (one which uses, add to the issue I've raised. Depending upon interest, I'll publish more....

Mine was branded 'OnvianTech 1080P Wi-Fi IP Security Camera', but also known as 'Pannovo 826-x', 'FUJIKAM CCTV Security 1080P 2.0MP WiFi IPCamera'.

It's Grain 8136s based with ethernet, wifi, USB OTG and SD card, with pan and tilt, dubbed a 'Cloud Camera'.

The camera works with, however there is no information about the security of the camera, or what they may do with your data.

So; before attaching it to my wireless network, I'm going to have to break into it to see what it's made of.

It does have a local webpage which works with PC but not with mobile browsers. The mipc PC app is a wrapped html app.

The local webpage is mainly a javascript application, and as such is relatively easy to debug into in order to examine the protocols involved.

More worrying is that the camera does talk to mipc servers, at least for firmware updates, but it sends a fair bit of encrypted data to the servers, so without convincing documentation or evidence, this data is not to be trusted.

I have obtained an incremental firmware update file (ipc_pack_patch_from_v4.6.2.1706161621.rtl8188fu_to_v5.1.5.1803281502.rtl8188fu.bin), which consists of several parts: an lzma compressed patch to patch a tar file, an executable, a script, and a CRC, plus a few numbers... A full firmware file is elusive.

A few days of effort revealed a mechanism for replacing the script file in the upgrade file, which opens up the ability to run telnet/ftp and have root access.

work to do, can you help?

For a more general mod to the upgrade file, we would need to understand the patch mechanism. With this, it may be possible to make an upgrade file for cameras which have no upgrade file available (by making a patch file which does nothing, and knowing the CRC of the orignal TAR file present in firmware extracted from having a serial connection).

Login screen

login: can't chdir to home directory '/root'

| Welcome to                                                                |
|                                                                           |
|                    A                                                      |
|                   AAA                                                     |
|                  AAAAA                                                    |
|                 AAAAAAA                                                   |
|                AAAA   AA                                                  |
|         A     AAAA     AA                                                 |
|        AAA   AAAA       AA          AAA   AAAAA    AAA   AAAAA    AAAAA   |
|       AAAAA AAAA         AA              AA   AA        AA   AA  AA   AA  |
|      AAAAAAAAAA           AA        AAA  AA   AA   AAA  AA   AA  AA   AA  |
|     AAAAA AAAA             AA       AAA  AA   AA   AAA  AA   AA  AA   AA  |
|    AAAAA    A               AA      AAA  AA   AA   AAA  AA   AA   AAAAAA  |
|   AAAAA                      AA     AAA  AA   AA   AAA  AA   AA       AA  |
| AAAAAA                        AAAA  AAA  AA   AA   AAA  AA   AA  AAAAAA   |
|                                                                           |
|                                    |
|                                           power by (C)shenzhenmining 2015 |

BusyBox v1.20.1 (2015-03-29 21:56:34 HKT) built-in shell (ash)
Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.

current status: root prompt, ability to start ftpd, etc.

Update - root access without serial.

I have uploaded two 'upgrade' files for different versions of this camera. These enable root telnet access plus allow for further customisation, see 'upgrade_hacks' folder.

Update - privacy assured

I beleive that the scripts in modificationscripts will convincingly stop the camera from being able to send anything to the internet servers - basically by removing the default gateway, so allowing the IP layer to only talk to the local LAN.

You can still use the local web interface, and with a little playing should be able to integrate the camera output into other local video destinations.