A Realtime Connection Lib for Node.JS with API support, based on Socket.IO
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What is Eagle Lib

Eagle is a realtime connection Lib for Node.JS with API support based on Socket.IO and Express Framework It uses Socket.IO to provide real time connection and express to provide API routes

How it works?

Target browser client should run Socket.IO-Client to start transport. the client can create a room or join a existed room. Eagle provide APIs to get all room ids and other information about clients in room. Then you can POST to room API to broadcast events to all clients in room.

What can I do by using Eagle?

  • You can monitor information of LBS Native App at web browser on computer
  • You can create a native admin client to notify online users
  • You can let a mobile device as a controller to control web game
  • and a lot of other stuffs by using this Lib

How to use

//TODO not ready for now it is under development. so you can run demo first to try


  • The lib should be run on express framework(for session and router support)
  • Using Socket.IO

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