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Adding tags shouldn't be hard work.

The li3_taggable library aims to make it super simple to add tag functionality your models for document databases (i.e. MongoDB).


Tags are stored denomalized with the model in an array. Therefore, a document database is currently required. Tags are also stored in their own collection for use in lists and statistics.

This library integrates with li3_behaviors to add the 'taggable' behavior, but it isn't required that you use li3_behaviors.

You can call the li3_taggable\extensions\data\behavior\Taggable::apply() method manually inside your model __init() instead.

Adding Tags To Your Model

See the api documentation for li3_taggable\extensions\data\behavior\Taggable. It has all that you need to know.


Add usage statistics to the Tags documents so you can easily sort on the number of times each tag was used.

Might be interesting to index tag statistics by class type that the tags were applied to as well. This way you can see all of the tags for your Posts models vs other types of models.

We're not in any rush to implement that, so send us a pull request! :)