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  1. Download Yenten GUI miner
  2. Unpack gui miner
  3. Run file "download_miner.bat" for download cpuminer-opt
  4. Run "Yenten_gui_miner.exe" to start GUI miner
  5. Fill in the fields and click button "start mining!".

Virus test: https://www.virustotal.com/ru/file/f0bede56a9b5d4786f52f6373fb8e3d524037f093cb988dae482d8df1c0abe76/analysis/

This miner was created for beginners.


Use bellflower2015/cpuminer-opt where yespower algo: Download alternate download_miner and run before mining - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bubasik/yenten-gui-miner/master/download_miner_bellflower.bat

Extra options: -a yespowerr16

thank - bellflower2015

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