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Ember.js TodoMVC Example with for storage and user auth.

Took the original project and made a few changes:

  • Made a data adapter for data storage
  • Added the basic signup/signin links (but did not bother to style them)
  • Ignored a bunch of problems

What problems?

Oh ... you know ... things like "when you log in you need to manually refresh to get the users todo items to show up. I subscribed to the signin event and do a location.refresh() when that happens but it looks like is resolving the data from its cache or something ... I have no idea. I'm not going to debug it right now because hitting refresh works fine.

The signout event works though. Go figure.

Do I need to have my own server?

Nah. I'm running one. You can use it. The source already has the address in it. I might turn it off someday. You probably won't notice because when is offline (or you aren't logged in) it just uses local storage.

Anything else?

Don't use this.


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