@bubble2k16 bubble2k16 released this Oct 15, 2016 · 18 commits to master since this release

  • Improved Mode 7 zoomed-in textures. Games like Seiken Densetsu, ActRaiser 1/2 look better when viewing the Mode 7 textures near to the ground. Thanks for Discostew for the motivation!
  • Improved sound handling to ensure that the left speaker plays at the same volume as the right speaker.
  • Added option to change in-frame palette handling. There are three options to choose from: > Enabled. (Slow, accurate, but never as accurate as software) > Disabled Style 1 (faster, less accurate) > Disabled Style 2 (faster, less accurate) works a little differently from Style 1 Most games are by default Disabled Style 2. Bahamut Lagoon and Front Mission Gun Hazard are by default Disabled Style 1. Wild Guns, Judge Dredd, Batman Forever are by default Enabled.
  • Fixed Clock Tower to boot properly again.
  • Fixed Star Fox flickering problem when there are frameskips.
  • Fixed outside-of-track texture problem with Super Mario Kart’s Bowser Castle stages.
  • Fixed Final Fantasy V Intro logo cutout problem.
  • Fixed Donkey Kong Country's tile colour corruption bug