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Change Log

- Merged heightfield shape and terrain demo to this fork.

Release QIntBio:
- Translational Motors
- Spring Constraint (Generic6DofSpringConstraint) and the ConstraintDemo in JBullet

Release 20101010:
- Added KinematicCharacterController, GhostObject and CharacterDemo
- Added DbvtBroadphase
- Added serialization of BVH
- Updated most classes to match Bullet 2.72
- Added CCD motion clamping fix from Bullet 2.74
- Removed usage of interface calls
- Added stackless traversal in OptimizedBvh
- Added jumping/gravity to KinematicCharacterController (contributed by Normen Hansen)

Release 20090628:
- Added conversion methods between Transform and Matrix4f
- Fixed bug in ShapeHull
- Added CollisionWorld.updateSingleAabb method from Bullet 2.74
- Added CollisionWorld.convexSweepTest
- Added ConcaveConvexcastDemo

Release 20090404:
- Added ConeShape
- Fixed thread safety issues when running distinct simulations in different threads simultaneously
- Changed back to building of just one library JAR
- Added run configuration for each demo in NetBeans project
- Fixed compilation with JDK 1.5
- Added fix for collision detection bug from Bullet 2.70
- Generalized mesh access interface
- Added ScaledBvhTriangleMeshShape
- Added calculatePrincipalAxisTransform method in CompoundShape

Release 20080917:
- Documented many classes and adjusted existing descriptions
- Minor API changes
- Changed method names for callbacks to be more descriptive
- Improved BulletGlobals
- Added SliderConstraint
- Added ForkLiftDemo

Release 20080803:
- Upgraded LWJGL to 2.0rc1
- Added UniformScalingShape
- Improved JavaDoc generation
- Removed dependency on JStackAlloc in demos
- Added support for moving triangle meshes
- Added MovingConcaveDemo
- Optimized allocation of collision algorithms

Release 20080716:
- Fixed bug in conversion between planes and point cloud
- Added DynamicControlDemo (contributed by Olivier OUDIN)
- Changed package from "javabullet" to "com.bulletphysics"
- Bug fix for constructor with pivots and axis in HingeConstraint (contributed by Olivier OUDIN)
- Converted to use JStackAlloc
- Converted to use output parameter when returning vectors, etc.
- Updated existing code to match Bullet 2.70-beta1
- Added ShapeHull
- Ported original version of HashedOverlappingPairCache
- Removed optional dependency on GNU Trove
- Added AxisSweep3
- Added profiling support
- Changed to make single thread build by default
- Changed to use nanoTime
- Added HelloWorld demo (contributed by Clark Dorman)

Release 20080311:
- Added some JavaDoc documentation
- Added RaycastVehicle and VehicleDemo
- Refactored accessing of vertex data
- Added CylinderShape
- Implemented ray/trimesh hit detection
- Added applet demo
- Added binaries and dependant libraries into package

Release 20080303:
- Refactored enums
- Fixed bug that caused occasional jitter
- Added ConvexConcaveCollisionAlgorithm
- Memory optimalizations
- Implemented quantized BVH nodes
- Made ConcaveDemo working

Release 20080206:
- Memory optimalizations
- Added heap info
- Implemented HeapSort
- Added optional support for GNU Trove
- Added BspDemo and fixed ConvexHullShape
- Added ConcaveDemo and it's supporting classes
- Abstracted OpenGL rendering

Release 20080122:
- Fixed convex/plane collision detection
- Added GLDebugDrawer and fixed some bugs
- Added CapsuleShape
- Added ConeTwistConstraint, HingeConstraint and Generic6DofConstraint
- Added GenericJointDemo
- Optimized drawing of spheres and cylinders using display lists
- Fixed collision of boxes
- Added text overlay

Release 20080116:
- Moved all push/popProfile to try/finally blocks
- Added final for Vectors/Transforms/etc fields where applicable, and fixed some discovered bugs
- Fixed bug with non-functional removeOverlappingPair
- Enabled ground BoxShape in BasicDemo
- Implemented drawing of BoxShape
- Fixed VectorUtil.maxAxis

Release 20080111:
- Initial release based on Bullet 2.66
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