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BubiRačun is an application for small businesses, organizations and freelancers. With it they can manage the finance aspect of their business.

The application is by design meant for use in businesses that offer services, but can be adapted in other industries as well.


The application uses GNU General Public Licence Version 3, created on 29th of June 2007. The complete licence file can be found in file "licence.txt" as well as in the installation application and on web page The author is asking the users to read the licence and use the application in accordance with it.


  1. A simple CRM for managing clients and projects.
  2. Managing travel expenses.
  3. Managing incoming bills.
  4. Managing offers, advance payments, bills, cancellations and credits ("dobropis").
  5. A simple income, expense and revenue overview.
  6. Managing time table.
  7. Printing or creating PDF files of bills and travel expenses.


Until better solution for hosting our installation files is found, a user must build their own version of the application or ask one of the developers to build one for them.

  1. Fork the source code from GitHub page:
  2. Use Qt5 IDE to build the executable 3.a) Use Qt5 IDE to run the application or 3.b) Create the installation file and install the application properly on your computer.


  1. On the first run the application will ask for some data of your firm and for the first user. This data should be full and correct, since the application use it for further work. Take some time and fill all the forms, it will prevent future headaches.
  2. Fill in the clients.
  3. Create projects and associate them with clients.
  4. Create an offer ("predračun") associate it with project and use it to form a bill.


The main developers of the application BubiRačun are:

While creating the application we used several third parties pieces. Their use was always in accordance with their licence, but the authors were not always notified. Therefore we wish to thank the following authors for their contribution:

  • René Reucher is the author of the theme Sandy that was used for some time as default theme of the application. It is not used any more since several usability concerns and actual problems were found.


Bubiracun is aimed to help small bussiness run their administration




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