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MIT License

npm: Package Quality

Insert a markdown TOC(Table Of Content) before posts be rendered.

Unlike the native toc helper, this plugin will inject a TOC only when a placeholder(<!-- toc -->) found in the raw markdown files. And the TOC will be injected after the placeholder.

All you need to do is placing a placeholder(<!-- toc -->) in your post when and where needed.

Note: this plugin will not mangle your posts(markdown files), so you can use it bold.


npm install hexo-toc --save


All the options of markdown-toc, slugify function, and heading anchor options can be specified as follow in you _config.yml:

  maxdepth: 3
  class: toc
  slugify: transliteration
  decodeEntities: false
    position: after
    symbol: '#'
    style: header-anchor
  • maxdepth: Use headings whose depth is at most maxdepth.
  • class: The CSS Class for the toc. (Default is false)
  • slugify: Choose which slugify function you want to use. Currently support uslug (Default) and transliteration.
  • decodeEntities: Select whether to enable decode entities. ( Default is false and please see #15).
  • anchor: Whether should have an anchor for each headings. (Default is false)
    • position: Where should the anchor be, before the title, or after the title. (Default is after);
    • symbol: Which symbol you want the anchor be. (Default is #);
    • style: The CSS class for the anchor, (Default is header-anchor);

Known issues


Working with hexo-renderer-markdown-it.

# Markdown-it config
## Docs: https://github.com/celsomiranda/hexo-renderer-markdown-it/wiki
    html: true



Pull requests and stars are highly welcome.

For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.