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Hello!!  Welcome to!  Here you can upload files and shorten links. You can even use a (applescript) droplet on your dock to upload files easily. 

The site consists of two main pages: a homepage with a login/sign up form, and an account page that you see once you are logged in. The account page lists all the links you have shortened and all the files you have uploaded. The account page also provides you with an area to upload files, a download link for your personalized applescript droplet, and a draggable bookmarklet to shorten links.


$ sudo pip install -r requirements.txt


 - redis (
   - please use the version 2.1.1 as we use hashes feature
   - download link (
   - installation 
       $ tar -xzf redis-2.1.1.tar.gz
       $ cd redis-2.1.1
       $ make
       $ ./redis-server
   - or use redis-server in the tools folder
       $ ./tools/redis-server tools/redis.conf


For Optional Amazon S3 Hosting for files:
RUNNING pyres message queue:

 - pyres is a message queue built on redis and python. (
   The use of pyres is completely optional for this project. 

    $ sudo pip install boto==1.9b pyres==0.9 itty==0.6.4 pystache==0.2.0 redis==2.0.0
    Note:  Installing pyres may revert the redis to 1.34 version. We need
           2.0.0 since we use redis hashes

 - There is no need to run pyres to the project working. But it will used to 
   upload the files to S3 asynchronously to reduce the server costs. Similarly
   there is a job to delete the file from S3 when the entry is killed by user.
  $ pyres_worker fileupload filedelete
  This starts a worker which polls on fileupload and filedelete queue. The 
  current file upload view needs to place the job into the queue which is 
  currently not implemented.

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