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MongoHub stillmaintained

What is MongoHub

MongoHub is a mongodb GUI application. This repository is a mac native version of MongoHub. If you are using windows or linux please download use the source from which is made by Titanium Desktop.

mongohub splash

System Requirements

Mac OS X(10.6.x), intel(64bit) based.


You can either download the compiled executable file from here or clone the source code and compile it on your own system.


Before builing ensure the following frameworks are present: /Library/PrivateFrameworks BWToolkitFramework.framework Sparkle.framework MCPKit_bundled.framework RegexKit.framework

The project also expects Boost libraries and the MongoDB client libraries.

The following Xcode project settings were changed from the master project: Header Search Paths: /usr/local/include/ Library Search Paths: /opt/local/lib ~/source/mongo (path to mongo source) User Header Search Paths: /opt/local/include ~/source (path to source projects)

Thanks HybridDBA add this build guide.

Current Status

This project is very new. Any issues or bug reports are welcome. And I still don't have time to write a usage guide.


** [Last Update 2.3.2] **

- Fixed a bug in jsoneditor related to Date() object;
- Add import/export to JSON/CSV functions;
- Add support for ssh access use public key;
- Add a function to remove single record in find query window;
- Fixed a bug to create collection in a database which doesn't have collection;

** [Last Update 2.3.1] **

- Fixed a bug in jsoneditor related to Date() object;
- Add execution time in find panel;
- Add reconnect support;
- Fixed a bug in remove function.

** [2.3.0] **

- Add mongo stat monitor;
- Add replica set connection support;
- Add reconnect support;
- Add an JSON editor for found results with syntax highlight;
- More flexible query style in find window;
- Fixed long long int value overflow;
- Fixed application crash during open/close connection window.

** [2.2.0] **

- SSH Tunnel connection support;
- Fixed a bug in display ObjectID type fields;
- Fixed some UI bugs;
- Fixed some memory leaks and random crashes;
- Add confirm panel before drop database or collection;
- Run queries in a seperate thread so that won't block the UI;
- Fixed a bug to install on some 10.6.x(64bit) system.

** [2.1.0] **

- Auto expand and collaspe finding results;
- Display Date_t or Timestamp as GMT time format;
- Fixed a bug in display ObjectIds in Array element;
- Import data from mysql database to mongodb;
- Export data from mongodb to mysql database.

** [2.0.9] **

- Add support for;
- Changed update behavior;
- Fixed a bug to detect NumberLong type of BSONElement;
- Fixed a bug in Array type of BSONElement.

** [2.0.8] **

- Fix several UI bugs in Query Window;
- Fix bugs in Find Query and Update Query;
- Fix bugs related to ObjectId;
- Fix copy&paste bugs.

** [2.0.7] **

- Add sparkle framework to check application updates.

** [2.0.6] **

- fixed some UI bugs;
- add admin auth support.


I'd love to include your contributions, friend. Make sure your methods are TomDoc'd properly, that existing tests pass, and that any new functionality includes appropriate tests.

Then send me a pull request!

Contact Me

Syd made this. Ping me on Twitter —@bububa — or email me if you're having issues, or want me to merge in your pull request.