Remove button on the Query window #68

xingshou opened this Issue Jan 3, 2012 · 15 comments

Thank you for your wonderful application!

When I resize the Query window, the "Remove" button on the bottom right corner should be moved along with other buttons such as "Expand", "Collapse", but it is not moved.

This is not a critical bug I hope this can be fixed soon.

Thanks a lot!

Sungsoo Kim


same problem on Snow Leopard


Got the exact same issue, latest Mongohub release on OS X 10.7.2


+1 with Mongohub 2.3.2[73] on MacOS 10.7.3


Yep got the same issue on OSX Lion.


Duplicate of issue #52


+1 Please fix.


+1 Please fix. I use Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 and MongoHub 2.3.2[73].


+1. Had it in Snow Leopard, have it in Lion...


+1. Really annoying bug and likely to cause accidental data loss.


+1 on 10.8.3


+1 v2.3.2[73] on os x 10.8.3


+1 Same issue


Experiencing the same effect on version 2.3.2 on OS X 10.9.3


Still experiencing it on the latest download.

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