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Hi, try this query with MongoHub:

{"path": /Categorias\/[a-zA-Z0-9@.-_ ]*$/}

without success: Failure parsing JSON string near: "path": /C

but that one is running just fine at the console:

db.Sistes.find({"path": /Categorias\/[a-zA-Z0-9@.-_ ]*$/})

Could you help me figure out where is the problem, please?



I could not get regex queries to work at all:


This query:

{"firstname": /^Robert/}

yields this error message:

unexpected char in the current parser context - "stname": /^Robert/}"


How do I do a regex query using strict JSON?

It is a real shame that MongoHub is not being updated. It holds much promise. It just needs a few enhancements. I think developers would easily pay $19 for it in the AppStore but not as it stands currently.


The tool needs to better first before I pay for it, but that's exactly the chicken-and-egg problem all over.
But I do agree, this tool would be nice if it were updated and maintained better as it is right now.

Make it so?

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