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Feature: add columns to the results list #76

madarco opened this Issue May 27, 2012 · 1 comment

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Madarco Robert La Ferla
madarco commented May 27, 2012

Even if MongoDb is schema-less, document tends to have a fixed schema,
so often it would be useful to show the results of a find statement as a table (like in a common relational db gui)

So in the query window, for a find results, other than the actual columns Name, Value and Type column, there should be the possibility to add other custom fields, like "address", "notes", "info.telephone"

The columns can be determined from the current resultsets, for example showing only the ones with string/scalar values (not nested object). I've applied this method to mongodbadmin.php and I've found quite usefull.

Or they can be set by the user, for example using the value from the "fields" field, or manually added with a context menu.


Robert La Ferla

Please please please implement this. If you have a query that returns hundreds of records, you can't see what's inside until you click. Adding a UI where you can specify which fields (if present) are displayed as columns is the singlemost significant improvement you could make to MongoHub.

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