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Quick script to setup things for command-line testing.

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+## Quick setup for semi-standardized command-line testing
+echo This will remove any existing bucardo schema! Proceed?
+read yn
+if [ $yn != 'y' ]
+ exit
+echo Good to go!
+## Clear out old databases and users
+psql -qc 'drop database if exists bucardo'
+psql -qc 'drop database if exists test1'
+psql -qc 'drop database if exists test2'
+psql -qc 'drop database if exists test3'
+psql -qc 'drop user bucardo'
+## Install bucardo
+./bucardo install --batch
+## Create test databases, users, and tables
+psql -qc 'create database test1'
+psql -d test1 -qc 'create table t1 (id serial primary key, email text)'
+psql -d test1 -qc 'create table t2 (id serial primary key, email text)'
+psql -d test1 -qc 'create table t3 (id serial primary key, email text)'
+psql -d test1 -qc 'create table t4 (id serial primary key, email text)'
+psql -qc 'create database test2 template test1'
+psql -qc 'create database test3 template test1'
+## Tell Bucardo about the databases
+./bucardo add db db1 dbname=test1
+./bucardo add db db2 dbname=test2
+./bucardo add db db3 dbname=test3
+## Add in all the tables from test1, put into a herd
+./bucardo add all tables herd=myherd
+## Add a new table that is not in any herd (or sync)
+psql -d test1 -qc 'create table t5 (id serial primary key, email text)'
+./bucardo add table t5
+## Simple source -> target sync
+./bucardo add sync alpha herd=myherd dbs=db1,db2
+## Source to source sync
+./bucardo add sync beta herd=myherd dbs=db1,db2:source
+## Source to source to target sync
+./bucardo add sync charlie herd=myherd dbs=db1,db2:source,db3:target

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