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Quick list of outstanding items / bugs / feature requests for CP:
* Add a --output=plain, for simple human-readable output.
* Add a --output=csv, for importing into various targets.
* Language testing: force to EN?
* Allow a flag to determine if skipped into goes into perf or not
* Make a (semi) automated way to allow non-superusers to run all actions
* Put complete Nagios templates on a page somewhere
* Get more language translations
* Investigate report of an empty fsm_pages causing 255 out of range error
* Check the current logfile is not bigger than X KB/MB/GB
* Have the checksum action only warn once and save the result somewhere
* Reconsider PGBINDIR and see if there is something more standard
* Support for pg_bouncer checks
* Full and correct support for Nagios, e.g.
* Test for all the Nagios output of each action.
* For last_analyze and last_vacuum, way to skip null (never been hit)
* Check at least one table has been vacuumed/analyzed since X time
* Check every table has been vacuum|analyze at least once. (no NULL)
* Check at least one table has been vacuumed|analyzed since X hours/days/...
* Check the current logfile is not bigger than X KB/MB/GB
* Make the bloat estimation more accurate (lots of small bad assumptions in there)
* Consider a more accurate bloat check, using the expensive pg_stattuple function
* For the Nagios 'perf' output on last_analyze and last_vacuum (and other things with a time),
consider making a single global timing call.
# Perl-specific
* Put on CPAN
* Create a Perl::Critic test suite
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