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Version 2.23.0

Released October 31, 2017

  • Support PostgreSQL 10.
    (David Christensen, Christoph Berg)

  • Change table_size to use pg_table_size() on 9.0+, i.e. include the TOAST
    table size in the numbers reported. Add new actions indexes_size and
    total_relation_size, using the respective pg_indexes_size() and
    pg_total_relation_size() functions. All size checks will now also check
    materialized views where applicable.
    (Christoph Berg)

  • Connection errors are now always critical, not unknown.
    (Christoph Berg)

  • New action replication_slots checking if logical or physical replication
    slots have accumulated too much data
    (Glyn Astill)

  • Multiple same_schema improvements
    (Glyn Astill)

  • Add Spanish message translations
    (Luis Vazquez)

  • Allow a wrapper function to run wal_files and archive_ready actions as
    (Joshua Elsasser)

  • Add some defensive casting to the bloat query
    (Greg Sabino Mullane)

  • Invoke psql with option -X
    (Peter Eisentraut)

  • Update postgresql.org URLs to use https.
    (Magnus Hagander)

  • check_txn_idle: Don't fail when query contains 'disabled' word
    (Marco Nenciarini)

  • check_txn_idle: Use state_change instead of query_start.
    (Sebastian Webber)

  • check_hot_standby_delay: Correct extra space in perfdata
    (Adrien Nayrat)

  • Remove \r from psql output as it can confuse some regexes
    (Greg Sabino Mullane)

  • Sort failed jobs in check_pgagent_jobs for stable output.
    (Christoph Berg)