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Possible items to do, in no particular order
Feature requests can be entered at
- Fix ping problem:
- Use WITH HOLD for cursor work
- Devise a way to automatically create ppm for Windows builds
- I8N docs and error messages
- Change quote and dequote functions to take Sv instead of string so that
things like arrays can be serialized by the quote function. This will
take care of broken chopblanks and pg_bool_tf (pass the quote/dequote
options struct to function quote/dequote functions)
- Allow user callbacks to quote user-defined types
- Revisit the use of
- Test heavily with a thread-enabled Perl
- Remove libpq dependency
- Handle and/or better tests for different encoding, especially those not
supported as a server encoding (e.g. BIG5)
- Support passing hashrefs in and out for custom types.
- Support a flag for behind-the-scenes CURSOR to emulate partial fetches.
- Handle unicode conversion better and perhaps eliminate the need for
the pg_enable_utf8 attribute.
- Fix this:
- Composite type support:
- Full support for execute_array, e.g. the return values
- Fix array support: execute([1,2]) not working as expected, deep arrays not returned correctly.
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