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License: MIT Godoc

This is a Go library and command line tool for working with the common workflow language (CWL).

The core library includes the data type present in the CWL spec (CommandLineTool, Workflow, etc.), with a few extra utilities for loading and working with CWL documents.

For details, see the reference docs.


The process library contains experimental, unfinished code for processing CWL documents in order to execute commands and workflows.

The expr library contains utilities for parsing CWL expressions out of strings. This parser is not yet robust (see the known issues below).

Alpha quality

At the time of this writing, this library is only a couple weeks old. I feel that the core CWL document loading library is fairly stable, but I can't promise that there aren't plenty of bugs lurking.

The command line tool is far from stable, and needs work before becoming useful.

The process library is highly experimental. Processing CWL tools and workflows in a robust manner is not a trivial task.


The cwl command line tool includes a few commands for loading, inspecting, and experimental support for running commands. See the releases page to download the command line tool binary.

Usage (CLI)

The command line tool is still young and therefore fairly useless. Still:

cwl dump
// ...outputs the normalized document in JSON.

cwl run exists and is experimental. This command will run a CWL document, similar cwltool.

Usage (library)

package main

import (

func main() {
  // Load a CWL CommandLineTool document.
  path := ""
  doc, err := cwl.Load(path)
  if err != nil {
  tool := doc.(*cwl.Tool)
  // Print the ID of all the input fields
  for _, input := range tool.Inputs {
go run main.go
2018/03/12 18:16:22 filesA
2018/03/12 18:16:22 filesB
2018/03/12 18:16:22 filesC


The CWL spec allows multiple different types for some fields, e.g. CommandLineTool.inputs may be a string, a list of strings, a map of string to string, a map of string to object, and so on. This is rather difficult to program against, especially in a statically typed language without generics or union types (i.e. Go).

This library normalizes all fields to a single type, often prefering a list where a string and map might be allowed. In the example above, CommandLineTool.inputs is a list.

Similarly, many fields might be a CWL expression. In this library, any field which might be an expression has the type Expression.

Notable changes and known issues

I've taken some liberties with the CWL spec:

  • CommandLineTool is named Tool instead, for brevity.
  • Schema Salad is not implemented and likely won't be implemented.
  • $include and $import statements are not yet implemented, but will be.
  • The CWL expression parser is not robust and will not correctly parse complex expressions, especially those containing $() and escaping.
  • documentation and examples are still sparse, more on the way soon.