Dropwizard sample web application with a frontend based on twitter bootstrap and jasmine
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Todo list with Dropwizard

A simple todo list sample application implemented using dropwizad as the core framework with a simple UI that consumes the REST API based on twitter bootstrap, backbone.js, jquery, jasmine and require.js.

It uses jasmine-maven-plugin to integrate the UI in the maven build.

Our focus is on: project structure, code quality, testing, deployment

Specification - DRAFT 1 -

The service will be mounted on $BASE_URL. It will expose a simple todos resource that has the following API:

  • GET /todos - will return the list of todos

  • POST /todos - will create another todo and return an URL to the new resource

  • GET /todos/{id} - will get details about a single todo (including all items)

  • PUT /todos/{id} - will update the todo specified by {id}

  • DELETE /todos/{id} - will delete the todo specified by {id}

A todo has the following information:

  • id : assigned by server on creation (Read Only)
  • created : assigned on creation (Read Only)
  • email: owner email address
  • items: list of items

A todo item has the following information:

  • title: a text description of what need to be done
  • created: date time assigned on creation
  • finished: date time assigned when the item was finished

How to run

  • clone: git@github.com:bucharest-jug/dropwizard-todo.git && cd dropwizard-todo
  • build the project with $ mvn clean install
  • run it: java -jar todo-service/target/todo-service-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar server todo.sample.yml
  • goto the view: http://localhost:8080



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