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Psyclone is a Python 3.0 web framework originally ported from
the scalable, non-blocking web server Tornado
available at
Like Tornado, Psyclone is licensed under the Apache Licence, Version 2.0
Long term, I expect this project to diverge from Tornado's original design and
Database access is not provided by the framework; you can use a database
library directly. I suggest py-postgresql, as it provides an interface that is
a little more sensible than dbapi. You can also use any Python 3.0 compliant
orm; I'm not aware of any that work, but SQLAlchemy is, apparently, working on
Testing is done with the Python 3.0 compatible py.test. Tornado had no tests,
so I'm writing them myself, mostly to understand the framework, more than to
test it.
The blog and hello world examples are working, so auth, templating, and the
basic httpserver are up.