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#! /usr/bin/env python
import re
import sys
import os.path
import datetime
import time
import traceback
import pkg_resources
from optparse import OptionParser
from pyjaco import Compiler
# extensions of files that can be compiled to .js
VALID_EXTENSIONS = ['.py', '.pyjaco']
OPEN_COMMENT = re.compile("^\s*/\*")
CLOSE_COMMENT = re.compile(".*\*/\s*$")
COMMENT = re.compile("^\s*//")
BLANK = re.compile("^\s*$")
class BuiltinGenerator(object):
def comment_stripper(self, lines):
'''Generator that removes all javascript comment lines from a file.
Takes a sequence of strings as input, generates a sequence of strings
with comments stripped.
Assumes multi-line comments start with /* and end with */ with no valid
code other than whitespace before or after the opening and closing
symbols. In other words, comments like this:
alert('hello'); /* this is
a multi line comment */ alert('world')
would not have the comment stripped.
in_multi_comment = False
for line in lines:
if in_multi_comment:
if CLOSE_COMMENT.match(line):
in_multi_comment = False
elif OPEN_COMMENT.match(line):
in_multi_comment = True
elif not BLANK.match(line) and not COMMENT.match(line):
yield line
def generate_builtins(self):
'''Combine the builtins shipped with the pyjaco library into a single
py-builtins.js file.'''
builtin_lines = []
js_filenames = sorted(
[f for f in pkg_resources.resource_listdir("pyjaco", "stdlib") if (f.endswith(".js") and not f.startswith("."))])
for js_filename in js_filenames:
builtin_lines.append("\n/* %-30s*/" % js_filename)
lines = self.comment_stripper(pkg_resources.resource_string(
"pyjaco", "stdlib/%s" % js_filename
return "\n".join(builtin_lines)
def compile_file(infile, outfile, options):
'''Compile a single python file object to a single javascript output file
if options.builtins == "include":
builtins = BuiltinGenerator().generate_builtins()
outfile.write("/*%s*/\n" % " Standard library ".center(76, "*"))
outfile.write("/*%s*/\n" % " User code ".center(76, "*"))
elif options.builtins == "import":
c = Compiler()
def run_once(input_filenames, options):
'''Given the input filenames and collection of options, run the compilation
step exactly once. Ignores the -w option. If the -w option is passed, then
this function should be called each time a file changes.'''
if options.builtins == "generate":
if input_filenames and (not options.output or not os.path.isdir(options.output)):
parser.error("--builtins=generate can only be used if --output is a directory or if no input files are specified")
if options.output:
if os.path.isdir(options.output):
builtin_filename = os.path.join(options.output, "py-builtins.js")
builtin_filename = options.output
builtin_output = open(builtin_filename, "w")
builtin_output = sys.stdout
builtins = BuiltinGenerator().generate_builtins()
if len(input_filenames) == 1 and not os.path.isdir(input_filenames[0]):
if not options.output:
output = sys.stdout
elif os.path.isdir(options.output):
output_filename = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(input_filenames[0]))[0]
output_filename += ".js"
output = open(os.path.join(options.output, output_filename), "w")
output = open(options.output, "w")
if not options.quiet:
sys.stderr.write("[%s] compiling %s\n" % (, input_filenames[0]))
with open(input_filenames[0]) as input:
compile_file(input, output, options)
if input_filenames and (not options.output or not os.path.isdir(options.output)):
parser.error("--output must be a directory if the input file is a directory")
if len(input_filenames) == 1: # input_filenames contains a directory
input_filenames = [os.path.join(input_filenames[0], f) for f in os.listdir(input_filenames[0]
) if os.path.splitext(f)[1] in VALID_EXTENSIONS]
for input_filename in input_filenames:
output_filename = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(input_filename))[0]
output_filename += ".js"
if not options.quiet:
sys.stderr.write("[%s] compiling %s\n" % (, input_filename))
with open(input_filename) as input:
with open(os.path.join(options.output, output_filename), "w") as output:
compile_file(input, output, options)
class Monitor:
'''Class to monitor for changes in a file or directory and recompile if
they have changed.'''
def __init__(self, input_filenames, options):
self.input_filenames = input_filenames
self.options = options
def reset_mtimes(self):
'''reset the modification times to a dict with empty values.'''
self.mtimes = dict([(f, None) for f in self.filenames])
def filenames(self):
'''Return a list of filenames to be monitored. If the input_filenames
contains specific files return a list containing those files. Otherwise
if it is a directory, return the list of files in that directory that
have .py or .pyjaco extensions.'''
if len(self.input_filenames) > 1 or not os.path.isdir(self.input_filenames[0]):
return self.input_filenames
else: # a single argument containing a directory
return [os.path.join(self.input_filenames[0], f
) for f in os.listdir(self.input_filenames[0]
) if os.path.splitext(f)[1] in VALID_EXTENSIONS]
def code_changed(self):
'''Return True if the code has changed since the previous run of this
filenames = self.filenames
if len(filenames) != len(self.mtimes):
# a file was added or deleted, therefore code has changed
return True
for filename in filenames:
stat = os.stat(filename)
mtime = stat.st_mtime
mtime = mtime - stat.st_ctime if sys.platform == "win32" else mtime
if self.mtimes.get(filename) == None:
self.mtimes[filename] = mtime
if mtime != self.mtimes[filename]:
return True
return False
def safe_run_once(self):
'''Run once, catching any exceptions and printing them, but allowing
the watcher to continue.'''
run_once(self.input_filenames, self.options)
except Exception as e:
if not self.options.quiet:
def run(self):
while True:
if self.code_changed():
parser = OptionParser(usage="""%prog [options] <infile>
where infile is the name of a file or directory to be compiled.
If infile is a directory, all files in that directory that have
an extension of .py or .pyjaco will be compiled to .js files
in the output directory.""",
description="Python to JavaScript compiler.")
def main():
parser.add_option("-o", "--output",
action = "store",
dest = "output",
help = "write output to OUTPUT, can be a file or directory")
parser.add_option("-q", "--quiet",
action = "store_true",
help = "Do not print informative notes to stderr")
parser.add_option("-b", "--builtins",
action = "store",
dest = "builtins",
choices = ["include", "import", "generate", "none"],
default = "none",
help = "INCLUDE builtins statically in each file\nIMPORT builtins using a load statement in each file\nGENERATE a separate file for builtins (output must be a directory)\nNONE don't include builtins")
parser.add_option("-I", "--import",
action = "store_const",
const = "import",
dest = "builtins",
help = "IMPORT builtins using a load statement in each file\n\nThis is an alias for -b import")
parser.add_option("-w", "--watch",
action = "store_true",
dest = "watch",
default = False,
help = "Watch the input files for changes and recompile. If the input file is a single file, watch it for changes and recompile. If a directory, recompile if any .py or .pyjaco files in the directory have changes.")
options, args = parser.parse_args()
if len(args) == 0 and options.builtins != "generate":
parser.error("No input path specified. You must supply an input file, or pass --builtins=generate")
elif len(args) > 1 and not os.path.isdir(options.output):
parser.error("Multiple input arguments supplied, but output is not a directory.")
for arg in args:
if not os.path.exists(arg):
parser.error("The input path '%s' does not point to a valid file or directory" % arg)
if not
run_once(args, options)
monitor = Monitor(args, options)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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