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Routes map Express-style URL Patterns to Templates. A few features of URL patterns:


The path has the ability to define parameters which populate {{req.params}} in the rendered Template. For example, a Route which uses the URL pattern, /entries/:slug, would pass a slug value to its Template:

{{#entries limit="1" slug=req.params.slug}}

Suffixed Parameters

  • /:foo? Optional
  • /:foo* Zero or more
  • /:foo+ One or more
  • /:foo(\\d+) Regex support (Backslashes need to be escaped)

You can try testing Routes and parameters with the Express Route Tester.

Ordering and {{next}}

The order of your Routes matter. Every time a user hits a page on your site, the URI (eg. /news/2014/) will attempt to match against each of your Routes, from the top of the list to the bottom.

Once a hit is made, Buckets will attempt to render its Template. If there is an error—or if the Template calls the {{next}} tag—the current Route gets put aside and we keep going down the list.

This makes it easy to provide complex URL schemes by creating multiple Routes like "/news/:year" and "/news/:slug", and use two separate Templates for them, depending on if a match is made.

Feature Planning

View the planning for Routes on Assembly.