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A package for serializing json api compliant responses from neomodel StructuredNodes
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NeoAPI - the perfect tool for building python APIs with neo4j

What you can do:

  • Create powerful APIs that conform to the json api specification in minutes
  • Leverage the power of the neomodel OGM and py2neo to create beautiful models with great functionality.


$ pip install neoapi

Thats all!

Getting Started

To get started with NeoAPI it makes sense to familiarize yourself with NeoModel and the json api specification. These are the two technologies NeoAPI is built on.

Chances are though, you want to get started right now!! If that's the case, please check out our sample project,, and Together those resources should be the jetpack you need.

If you get stuck, do the reading I suggested above, or drop me an email at, I'm always happy to help.

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